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Monday, April 17, 2006


The plastering has mostly been done now. A few bits needed another going over, which I have done today. It doesn't look like much, but it was hard work. I must be unfit after the winter! I started a bit of the painting, but really only one corner of the room. The hardest bit was moving the furniture. I never knew piano's were so heavy!!!!!

My other achievment, which was yesterday, was finally finishing these socks for Sue. Hasn't taken me long. . . . . . no comments please!

The socks got fnished yesterday for the simple reason that a night out was obviously too much for me, and Sunday was mostly a write off!!! TJ was brilliant as always, although the 100 club is getting to be too much for a night out from Guildford. They only do two sets now, and don't start til 9:30, so by the time they're starting I'm thinking about leaving for the last train!! (Well OK not quite, but can only hear the first set) It's a shame because I love it up there. You get an amazing mix of people and ages, and nobody would ever feel out of place. TJ now has the incredible young Sky Murphy playing tombone and electric guitar (not together, although often both in one song!) He and Adrain Cox give the band some real energy. And of course with TJ on piano and vocals. . . . well you just can't beat it for a night out!

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