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Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Month - New Blog Site

Well those of you that have been following my recent exploits are now welcome to my new blog home. And any newcomers are welcome too!! My reasons for "blogging" are simple. I am really bad at keeping up with friends, and family *hides face in embarassment*. This is a way of keeping you all in touch with my day to day (ish) life, and letting you know what I get up to. The onus is now on you to check it out, rather than me to email - and I like that !!!!

I can't import my old blog entries so if you want to know what I was up to in March, then you need to look here
old blog.

I chose "blogspot" as my new home because it seems to be where everyone else is!!!! There is a good knitting community which I will gradually get myself into, and the other blogs I have visited here just seem to look more "grown up". That may be because their owners are far better at artistic impression than I am.......I can but do my best! You may have to bear with me for a while as I get used to the new site, and make it more comfy and homely!

So pull up a chair, make yourself at home, and welcome to my humble abode. Feel free to leave me comments - can't promise I'll reply, but I do promise that they'll all be read.


  1. Hi Claire, back from a longish stay in Oz & NZ and found your mail.
    So tell me ,this spread trade thingy, is it betting with stocks and shares?
    Hope you and yours are all well.

  2. douglow0018:22 pm

    Dearest noo you must really get out and enjoy yourself and stop worying about the price of washers.Only joking hope you are well and spot.See you soon love Doug u


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