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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Top Dog

So yesterday I Dog-sat Mum and Dad's weimeraner. My meek, mild, timid, (actually all an act but I let her get away with it) little girl usually takes herself off to another room when the Weimy comes to play (Weimy name is Bonnie), as Bonnie is a little too loud and proud for my girl. However yesterday she did stay in the same room, albeit in the far corner of her crate. . . .. . . . . until a point in time when Bonnie got out of her bed!!! - Bonnie has a lovely pillowy, fleecey bed. My girl has old towels and curtains and bits and pieces, plenty of them but not very luxurious. So picture the scene, Bonnie vacates aforementioned pillowy bed, my little one hops out of crate and straight into bed!!! - Now this picture was taken pretty quickly. As time went on Spot's shoulders dropped further and further as she became less sure of herself, and her ears dropped, and her head dropped. . . . . . . she didn't get out for a while though!!!!! My Big Brave Girl!!!!!!

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