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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese

(The fact that I even remember that song is somewhat distressing!)

I have had this urge lately to watch tv series etc, that I watched as a young adult. You know those things we watched in our teens, that we enjoyed but probably didn't understand, and certainly don't remember now! For me, these include Shogun, Secret Army, Tenko, Jesus of Nazereth, North and South (with a young Patrick Swayze :) ) and others too numerous to mention. So over the last couple of rainy weeks I joined an online DVD rental place, claimed my free month (I love a bargain), and chose Shogun as my first nostalgic rental!

I wasn't sure if I would be disappointed. It was made a long time ago, and I was young and impressionable. Maybe now I would think it was rubbish. NO! It was great! I have loved sitting down every evening to an hour of Japanese! The show was 9 hours in total, and I haven't got bored once! It's the story of Pilate Major John Blackthorne (Anjin San) who arrives, shipwrecked, in the Japans. It is a story of love between Anjin San and his translator, and of battles and civil unrest. (There's also all the religious disputes and the whole, Portuguese/Spanish/Dutch thing!) Obviously by today's standards the studio work is a little "hammy", but it is gripping nevertheless. There are no subtitles for the Japanese speech, so we learn a little as Anjin San does. Richard Chamberlain does a fair job of frowning his way through all the Japanese, so we know he doesn't understand either!!!! But really it was a great mini-series. I just hope all my other choices are as good.


  1. haha i remember it so well and all the japanese i know i learnt from this. didn't we also go to the cinema to see a the film version? and then they put the long one on telly??? or did i just dream that.....

  2. I have not seen that, but I have seen the story of Sissi, actually Elizabeth, that empress.


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