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Saturday, May 06, 2006

From "Next" to "Now"

My "next on the agenda" is now a current work in progress! Front finished and back half done. I am hoping it will not be too short, as I'm a little old to have my tummy flapping about for all to see! But as it is so wide and square it's difficult to work out exactly where it's all going to hang!!!!

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day, and so OH and I poodled off to Worthing to buy fish off the beach. There are a number of independent fisherman with little boats who sell the days catch off the beach there. We bought two plaice (£3.70!) and two sole (£11). One of the soles was huge so that was dinner last night. Have to say it didn't warrant the extra money - although that could have been down to the way we cooked it. Usually buying fish that fresh we just grill it as it doesn't need any help! - But the sole stayed a bit rubbery despite being cooked through. Would maybe have been better steamed - but we were hungry and wanted quick results!!!!! - If anyone has a good recipe for the other one????

Today is also a lovely day, which is great as I love a bit of sun - but it's not getting my front room decorated! I am so easily distracted into sitting in the garden with my knitting!!!! I will get on with it this weekend though as I have promised myself a weekend of spinning and dyeing my fleeces only when I have finished the decorating! (even if it is Spetember!)

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