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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Green Cone - But no ice-cream!

I have been shamed into recycling more!!! (and quite right too).

Although, I must say that the council don't exactly encourage it by readily available information. For example my lovely new Green Cone is a little genius! - You can put all your kitchen waste into it, and it disappears into the sub-soil. When I say kitchen waste - it's everything - bones, fish, meat, dairy, peelings etc etc etc. I had no idea that something was available to compost all kitchen waste. And not only available, but to us lucky UK residents, most councils hugely subsidise the cost. This only cost me £5, including a kitchen caddy to collect all manner of scraps in! It has a big basket underneath which needs to be put in a big hole in the garden - 24" deep by 32" diameter. The rest of the cone is then screwed to the basket and the lip should just sit below the surface. I know I am inherently lazy, and to be honest, much as I totally agree with recycling as much as possible, it has to be made "fairly" easy for me. I have composted my veggie waste for years - but only in the summer when it's easy to get to my composter and it can be a pain separating veggie waste from other stuff when you're cooking. This little beauty saves all that grief - it even takes cooked waste. There is council literature on this, but I have never seen it through the letter box, or even had it described to me as part of the recyling road shows that pop up in our local farmers markets. It seems to me that it just needed to be put across how easy this would be and I would have got one years ago!

So, as the weather has at least been dry, the Green Cone is in position and the grass is finally cut. The weeds haven't been tackled but you can't do everything!

Also last night, my darling OH, made me dinner. He had decided to use the plaice that we bought in Worthing and looked up a recipe from a great seafish website . We had Plaice with mushroom and ricotta stuffing. It was really good!!! And the kitchen didn't look like a war zone when he'd finished either. I may let him do it again!!!!!


  1. What an excellent Idea!! Iagree about Councils not making it easy. It turns out our Council is not part of the promotion!! But I will lok into getting one when my garden has been redone.

  2. Interesting. I thought you had to be a bit careful composting cooked stuff and meats. It looks like a strange alien craft has landed in your garden!!!


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