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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The new "Percentage bar" was obviously a mistake. Jaywalkers are now frogged in their entirety. They were a disaster. Strange long feet! - I was very sure to follow the toe-up pattern to the letter on the second sock as the first had been a little big (more of a slipper than a sock), but the second one was even worse. As soon as I turned the heel I realised there was about 2 more inches than there should have been! I've put it down to not completely understanding which bit is which in the toe-up variety (thanks Badger - I should've listened!) But not one to give up, I have now bought Sensational Knitted Socks (as frequently recommended on the Angel Yarns Forum) so will have another go at toe-up but from another pattern!

I am also to be a grandmother!! - No, the dog's not preggers, But my Aloe Vera plant is! - YAY! I have three little baby ones appearing out the side, it's so exciting! - Will post a photo when they are big enough to take the pressure of public life!!


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  2. Sorry, I'm making a right mess of your blog! Just wanted to say that I don't think the percentage bars were a mistake. I've been wanting some for ages and you led me straight to them! Shame about your Jaywalkers though.


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