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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mid-week cleanup

It is a fabulous day today. Beautiful sunshine, and not too hot that you can't be bothered to do anything. So it's been a day of catching up with chores.

First was to take dog for a long walk and then go to Sainsburys. Both tasks had been left since I got home from sister's as it was a bank holiday weekend and both the common and Sainsburys were places to be avoided!! So today both were tackled. Spot was a good girl, possibly just to lull me into a false sense of security as I thought she'd be a bit flighty after a week in the kennels, but no she proved me wrong and earned herself a treat and a new box of bonios from Sainsburys!! - Supermarket wasn't too much hassle either - in fact very quiet!! - Just the way I like it! Have had to have a go at dear sister though as I came out with a packet of dark chocolate caramel wafers and a box of jaffa cakes!! - I never buy biscuits as I have a habit of opening a box then looking down a the empty wrapper wondering "How did that happen". But sister had them at hers last week and I got the taste! She has been chastised!!!!! I have also been good and put all the shopping away - cleaned the fridge, washed the worktops, and thrown away all the out of date crud from the cupboards!!!!

So now, my friends, it's time for a cuppa and a jaffa cake!!! - YAY!

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