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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Isn't is amazing what you will do to postpone doing what you should have been in the first place?.............

I have the end of year tax returns to do for the company. They must be in by 19th May, so today was the day I was planning on doing them..........

So far, I have hoovered, washed the kitchen floor, brushed the dog, cleaned the kitchen worktops, watered the plants, had another cup of coffee, parceled up my eBay sales, filed some paperwork, and am now writing my blog. . . . . . . . . Most of which I would have put off in favour of anything - apart from, aparently, the tax returns!!!!!

It's a glorious day, and I have promised myself the afternoon in the sun with my knitting if I do the tax, but still it isn't happening!!!!!!!! - Wonder if it's time for lunch yet?????? ;)


  1. Anonymous1:24 pm

    must be a day for it, i was supposed to do food shopping but have sat on here and pottered around and have now decided to go tomorrow!!! bad mummy! xxxx

  2. I'm a dreadful procrastinator. I should be working now, but it's just too hot, my knitting is too tempting and lesson planning is too dull! Do the tax returns tomorrow, you know you want to... ;)


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