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Monday, May 29, 2006

A Quiet Bank Holiday

Well, when I say quiet that's not strictly true. I was woken up at 6:50am by the glass recyclers emptying the huge bins at a hotel across the road from me. I was not amused, this is the third time in recent weeks I have been woken up - the worst was at 4:40am. I feel a letter to the hotel manager coming on!

Also it has been the Surrey County Show today - it is pretty close to me, and often I feel like I am part of the entertainment as I can hear everything that goes on! However, today has not been too bad. Whether the wind is taking the noise in the other direction, or it is just quieter this year, I am not sure. I was thinking about going, but the weather has been so unpredictable. Huge showers and hail storms today - but beautiful sunny weather in between. Very Odd!

So, I have busied myself with my jaywalkers, one is finished and I am now at the heel of the second. I have three more "Stash-busters" to work on. 7 Hanks of Colinette ISIS in "Dusk" which were a jumper that I didn't like, so have been frogged for re-knitting. A kilo of Rowan chunky cotton chenille in a beautful lilacy rose colour (I think they called it angel tears), and some lovely Spanish ribbon yarn that my M&D bought me for my birthday. None of which I have any real plans for other than they must be knitted before I buy more yarn!

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