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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sometimes things are meant to be......

It's funny how my day of procrastinating turned into two days of "doing". I finished the tax returns (although darn software won't send it!), cleaned the house and re-painted my fire-pit.

Then yesterday, having cleaned the kitchen, I started to think about where I was going to put soon to be acquired bread-maker! My kitchen is unit free. I have a dresser, a worktop with plastic storage boxes under, a sink, and a huge range oven but no other cupboards. I like the look of this, it's open and airy and lovely. Downside is obvious - I have nowhere to put anything!!!! So really the breadmaker would have to go on the worktop, which would use up all the space - no-where to prepare food (and I do love to cook). So, I decided to put a shelf up above the worktop to take all the culinary items from the worktop, and buy a butcher's/kitchen trolley to prepare food on. Easy! Until I looked at the shelf and where I would put it, Olive oil in mid air the opposite side of the kitchen to the cooker is just not useful! Hmmmm, back to the drawing board. I then thought of those chrome bathroom shelves/baskets which would fit on the wall over by the oven - much better idea and easy clean for when they get greasy. So off to B & Q. Whilst aimlessly wandering around a place I detest (typical big store puts all small stores out of business, then never has what you want), I came upon a box of off-cuts of contiboard and worktop!! all at about £1 a piece. Now I am very lucky in that OH can make something out of just about anything - in the same way that I can make things out of wool! Give us some odds and sodds and something will materialise! He got 5 off-cuts of conti and a 600mm lump of worktop (pretty much exactly what was in the box - it was just meant for me) - and YAY look what I got!! It's lovely! - All the boiler pipwork is now hidden behind boarding, and I have my first and only kitchen unit. It's nicely in the corner so doesn't change the overall ambiance of my airy kitchen, and it's more storeage space than i've ever had!!!! The box sitting in my new unit, is my birthday pressie from dear sister, which can't be opened til Tuesday! I will still get the trolley, and the chrome baskets sometime soon. Then I can buy more stuff to put on them!

On the knitting front, my spring jumper is well on it's way - front, back and one sleeve all finished. I have also started some jaywalkers - just because everyone else is, and I like the pattern. I am doing them toe-up, which is new for me. Pictures when there is enough knitting to show!


  1. Hurray for kitchen units!

    Can't wait to see how you get on with toe up Jaywalkers, every time I've tried toe up I've given up in disgust. I'm sure you'll be fine though ;)

  2. Philo5:29 am

    Well good to see that you are finally getting organised...and a bread maker too...what could you need more for English Winters than a warm jumper and a fresh loaf of bread...ummm can smell it from here...better give OH some know what I mean..good news to keep up with..p

  3. Philo5:35 am

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY ONE...Been trying not to miss it and had my head down and bum up for a few days working...but I bin thinking about it for days. Wonderful birthday to you...wonderful birthday to you...wonderful birthday Auntie Noo-oo...Wonderful birthday to you...p&m


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