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Saturday, May 20, 2006

What a week!

I've been putting off doing my blog as it's been such a busy week I don't know where to start!

So, firstly progress on toe up , Jaywalkers. I would like to profoundly thank
Badger for completely jinxing them!!!! I've never done toe-up socks before and it was all going swimingly . . . . but the pattern for these needs to be understood a little more than I understand it!!!! - I've frogged them once, and they are still too long in the foot - (i say "they" but this is the first!) It'll be wearable, so I'm not frogging again - Should have it sorted by the second one!!!! - This will be an indoor pair of socks, (I've decided!) so fitting will not need to be exact!

T'was my birthday on Tuesday - thanks for all the messages/emails/comments etc etc. I had a wonderful day as OH took me to Rye. We wandered the streets (managed to stay out of LYS) and had a lovely lunch in a pub. Then went for a stroll along Camber Sands, and drove home just as it started to pour with rain (it actually hasn't stopped since!) I was very lucky too, I got a bread-making store cupboard from dear sister, three types of organic flour, three types of seeds, yeast, and a "how to do it" book! I also got the most precious card from nephew (aged 2), which was drawn all by himself. Luckily Mummy labelled the love hearts and kisses and hugs so I knew ;) But it was the best present! and they phoned and sung me happy birthday together, now how lucky am I??? From M&D I got some lovely yarn - a ribbony affair from Spain - photos when batteries are re-charged -, and money towards my bread-maker.

So, on to the bread-maker! What a palavar getting it! DHL Couldn't find me (I live on a main road in a big town centre - ok the houses don't run in number order, but P.e.r.L.E.A.S.E. it's not hard!) so on Weds I got in my little car and trugged over to the DHL collection centre. It was 40 odd miles, so having picked it up, I mooched on to Ikea, which was in the same general direction (very general!) to get the trolley and a few bits and pieces I wanted. I ended up out most of the day (much to dog's annoyance having also been out day before!), but at least achieved what I needed to. So, here are the results of the combination of sister's present and new bead-maker!

I have to say it all worked very well. I chose a "rustic style french loaf" which was a mixture of 75% white, 20% wholemeal and 5% rye flour. I was impressed for a first go, (and slight cock up on measuring ingredients - put down to being tired, but more to do with not paying attention), it was definitely good enough to use all the time instead of that cotton wool the supermarkets sell. Have today put in a mixed seed loaf so will see how that turns out!

Finally, during a short interlude in the rain on Thursday,
we took both pooches out for a romp! What was covered in snow only 2 months ago is now covered in bluebells. It is truly beautiful and the picture would have been lovely if both dogs hadn't been so knackered their tongues are nearly on the floor!!!!!!

Am now off to put more stuff on eBay, and hopefully soon, eat a nice cheese sandwich in freshly made bread!!!


  1. I must add bluebells to my list of things I miss about England. They are lovely aren't they?

    The bread looks great!

  2. Bluebells are pretty special aren't they? They are late this year - Really only just come out this last week, where I think normally they're out for that first bank hol in May. I drove past somewhere the other day that had a whole bank of them - it really looked amazing.

  3. Silvia9:23 am

    Oh lovely Socks, lovely bread wonderful doggys! Love the dogs best of all:)

  4. The sock looks great :-)
    Ah - bread machine. I love mine! We use it loads - probably average twice a week. Have had one about 18 months - wouldn't (couldn't!) go back to the yucky supermarket excuse for bread. We make our own rolls, bread and pizza dough. It's good for cakes too. I don't know where you are based, but we are lucky enough to have a great little flour mill on our doorstep: Their flour is really nice and good value too - no - I don't work for them ;-)

  5. Thanks for the tip about wessexmill Sharon - I think that must be the flour my mum has just tried and is raving about. Says it's the nicest she's ever used!

  6. It wasn't me! I never done nuffink!

    Glad you had a good birthday and the bread looks yummy. I suppose I shouldn't mention that the one and only time I used a bread machine I broke it?;)


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