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Monday, June 19, 2006

2nd in a day

This morning I took my beloved Spotley for a long walk as the heat has finally diminished a little and there was a nice warm breeze. Now my girl is generally a lazy little toad (like her mum!) until you take the lead off, when apparently everything must be done at 100 miles an hour, with no stopping or slowing 'til you fall exhausted back into the foot well of the car!! So we walked through woods and shady bits and up a grassy knoll and along a path, through some tall bracken, and over a few brambles and stingers - and we didn't stop once. . . . . . . . UNTIL !!!!!. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . she found the only puddle in drought ridden Surrey, and not only got in it - but positively snuggled down, I mean really wriggled and tucked herself in!!!! The photo really doesn't do her justice - and also doesn't give any idea of the stench of wet dog that accompanied this sight! - I have to say I had to laugh, well if I hadn't I would have cried!!!!

Worst thing was when we got home - and in the prescence of a hosepipe ban, i had to sponge her down - which she wasn't very happy about (but she doesn't wash herself at all - if anyone knows how I can teach her I'd be grateful), so she sporadically shook and covered me in watered down mud! - Ahhh bless her - NOT!


  1. Silvia8:19 pm

    Gotta love a 'I love my owner and will share' type of pooch!!!Lol

  2. Well, it's not a proper walk until you've rolled in the mud!

    Looks like you both had fun - hope she didn't smell too bad in the car on the way home!!

  3. Aaah the joys of owning a Foster (I didn't choose the name either) has a knack for finding the muckiest puddle in the whole of Northants whenever we go out. Fortunately there is a quite clean brook just by our house so he is made to jump in there before he gets in the house!


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