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Monday, June 12, 2006

At least we won the footie

Firstly, I would like to say that anyone who was expecting us at the Abersoch Jazz festival was quite right we should have been there!!!! Unfortunately, a whole heap of things conspired to keep us away and so we missed you all!!! - The only good thing is that 5 1/2 hours in the car in the heat of this last week would have been torture!!!!! I hope you all had fun and had a beer for us!

I'd also like to say happy 40th to Mrs R. Having realised the jazz wasn't going to happen, I did envisage making it to your party, but again the world had other ideas and it just wasn't possible! - Hope you had a fabulous time and that the hangover wasn't too bad!

So, the Brits in the grand prix were, frankly, a wash-out! The race wasn't as exciting as others have been which was a shame because Silverstone is a great circuit, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The footie was great for the first half. . . . I did find myself reaching for my knitting the second half though as it all got a bit "tired". Still, we won which is what counts.

On the crafting front I have carded some of my jacobs fleece ready for spinning. It's a long and boring process to be honest, although the feel of the wool when it is combed through and becomes all soft and whispy is great. Quite sensual!!!!! (If you like that kind of thing!) I also pretty much finished the ribbon vest top thing, just need to crochet the ties and work out where the heck to attach them! Also the trainer socks were finished. I also started a hoodie in my colinette isis. I'm changing Ysolde's pattern a bit, as her's is a cardigan and I'm going to make a v-neck, but it is giving me a basis to start. Really clever pattern, it's knit from the top down, with no seams - YAY! The isis is a pig to knit to be honest. It has no give whatsoever and is hard to see the stitches. But when it's knitted up it's like the softest towelling you can imagine, so I think a nice soft hoodie for lounging around the house, or putting on after a shower or on a cold evening, is the way to go!

So, here we are at the beginning of another week. I have to work this week (ugh) and also it's time to think about this month's trade - if anyone out there trades the Dow and has a clue what it will do next, please let me know!!!!! (now if we knew that life would be soooo easy eh?!)

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  1. I like that hoodie, it's a good idea to change it to a jumper :)


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