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Friday, June 09, 2006


You won't hear much from me now until the weekend is over. (Unless I am so moved by our sportsmen's prowess that I can't help but share) But it is not only England's first footie game (the beers are in!), but also, and far more importantly in my eyes, it is the British Grand Prix. I love a good motor race, and this year has seen a few crackers, so fingers crossed for a Jenson Button victory and a good old fahsioned wheel to wheel race. (Wonder how long you can sit in front of the tv without risking economy class syndrome??)


  1. Lorraine11:01 pm

    Hi Claire,
    Great Blog...I try to have a peek at least once a week but never usually feel the need to comment. However u know that ur "ENG-ER-LAND" post would kickstart any true Scot into action ;) Just tell it true that the England Team Coach is booked into the SHORT STAY carpark???
    (yeah yeah I know...we didn't even make it and we are just jealous...sad but true)

  2. No comment on the world cup other then i want it to go away!!
    But comeon JB..Pole possition and win the race

  3. So far I've been sat still on my couch since midday and am not planning on moving for the foreseeable future. Can't say I'm into motor racing, but am a die hard footy fan. Bit disappointed in how England played, but hey, a wins a win. Just hoping Crouch scores so we can see the robot dance again!

  4. Anonymous4:35 am

    It's okay for all you European watchers..managed most of the England game...supposed to be supporting Oz but really can't stay up all night. Starts around midnight here and the eyeballs tend to close... much to catch up with and thank you...I love it...though I still have to get used to reading your 'diary'...

  5. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Dear Claire So sorry i missed your birthday but when you have had as many as you its best to forget, many happy late wishes. I was bored so i looked at your diary,good for a laugh.I hope your plant has a easy birth and no need for forceps.I`m pleased your into football someone had to be just need a tatoo and a beer gut,perfect. I loved your kitchen unit I feel sure the commisions will come floding in.WE have just got back from a wedding in Norfolk i`m sure they havent any tv`s as they all look and talk the same. Love as always U Doug


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