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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Knitting News"

Firstly, my finished trainer socks - aren't they cute!! - Knitted toe-up with a wrapped short-row toe and heel and a beaded rib pattern on the top with a plain sole on 4 DPN's. Pattern sort of cobbled together but mostly from Sensational Knitted Socks, with oddments of sock yarn left from another project.

Secondly, the cleverest pattern ever (!) is my non Apolcalypse Hoodie from Ysolda. The pattern is knitted top down and thus far in one piece. I was just trying it on (how cool is that - to be able to try the top of a jumper on!) to see if the sleeves are big enough as from here on down the sleeves are left behind on stitch holders and the body is knitted in one piece. The pattern was originally for a cardigan, but I am going to join the fronts where I am now and make a V-neck - absolutely no sewing, double cool!!!!!! ;) Photo obviously isn't very cool, but it's really hard to get yourself in the right place for a self-timed photo, and hold the front of the jumper together to get some idea of where it all goes!!! Still, you get the idea!!!!

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  1. Toe up socks - cool!

    I like the way the hoodie's shaping up - looks like it should be a nice quick knit :)

  2. Pretty socks! I really have to get to grips with short row heels, they look so much more professional.

    Hoodie's looking good too!


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