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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I may be gone some time.. . . . .

Last week the motherboard on my PC blew up - it was probably fed up with the hot weather, and the fact that I had been making it work!!! - Don't blame it really!

So, today I have purchased a new motherboard - an AMD 64 bit processor (about 63 bits more than me then!) and a new Power Supply cos mine was only little and I wouldn't want this lot to get all hot and bothered and got a video card thrown in 'cos this motherboard has something called pci express (wonder if that's like the gatwick express??). I will use my existing hard drive, memory, and cd/dvd drives. Have never built a PC from motherboard state before, but have done loads of repairs, and as I'm using bits of my old machine - I'm just thinking of this as a big repair - Hopefully that will calm the nerves. The nice man in the shop gave me a few pointers, so fingers crossed. Luckily I still have my laptop, so can get help off the internet too if I need it.

So this afternoon i'm going to get the books out and make sure I'm familiar with all the bits and pieces, then tomorrow I'm going to settle down in a dark, cool room and have a go. If you don't hear from me again, then assume something went wrong!!!!


  1. Good luck, you are a much braver (and cleverer) lady than I.

  2. Good Luck from me too - you can do it. I think it is like the Gatwick Express, except I think it is by bus instead of train


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