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Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm a stalker!

. . . . and I'm enjoying it!!

My lovely knitting forum friends have arranged a Secret Summer Santa, and we were all given the names of our spoilees last night. Trouble is, I am having so much fun stalking mine that I had actually forgotten I was supposed to be thinking of something to spoil them with!!! It is amazing what you can learn about someone with a bit of cunning internet surfing!!!

On another note - well, still knitting related. Badger's post last night was about colour, and she made some interesting points. It got me thinking. . . . as I commented on her blog, what influences your colour preferences. My influences I would say are nature. I love seasonal changes in colour, and the fact that no two colours clash in the natural world. I have recently been getting into some brighter colourways - May be my age (can't get away with black any more that's for sure!), or the fact that now that I am knitting more I get so much pleasure out of the intensity of the colours. Having said that my colours would usually have an earthy bias - I can't really see myself in Neon Pink!!

OH and I took the dog for a lovely walk in the rain yesterday - about half way round it stopped raining and as I had been wearing my Drizabone I took it off and we used it as a blanket while we stopped and admired the scenery. We were on a small grassy path, slightly uphill, with thick flowering brambles (blackberry) one side edging a wood, and bracken and brambles the other. As we were sitting there watching the butterflies chase each other (I have never noticed them do that before - birds, yes, but not butterflies) we looked at the grass that we were sitting on. - It wasn't grass!!! It was the most amazing collection of tiny, tiny, wild flowers, plants and grasses. Some deep buttercup yellow ones, some stunning bright purple ones that were almost alight with colour, and a few little pale blue ones. All amongst shades of green and brown clover, and little tiny ferns, and other things which I will never be able to identify. There was even a little beetley thing that was the most intense bronze - it had a real metallic sheen -he was a very handsome fellow.! I think the colours were all even better because of the rain, it had really brought a depth to them. We spent ages looking and oooohing and ahhhing!! - so much so that we nearly lost the dog... who got bored and went off to try to find something to chase! So there is my influence on colour!!

(Sorry about the quality of the photo, but only had my phone, and a photoless blog is boring!)


  1. I get influenced by my feeling which then reflects in my color choices
    Dark when I am low brights when I am happy but still all browns and blues and reds...just love them. I do love the greens nature produces the deep dark greens of the forrest the bright greens of the grass
    And sometimes I simply look at a color and like it..because it's there

  2. Philo4:22 am

    Well been a while since I checked up the Noos Blog and I must say that I am exhausted after reading all the missed much news...lots of Nits..and downed pcs and countryside and flowers and....
    Don't know about the roll on winter...I am awaiting the spring on these cold morns...though days are up in the late teens...sounds like me a late teen...
    Will check in by email as soon as...from the old oz....philo

  3. After all these musings on colour I think it's safe to say the only conclusion I can draw is that I still hate yellow!


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