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Thursday, July 06, 2006


My Kiri shawl is finished!!

The photo doesn't really do it justice, the colour is a lovely deep wine colour, and it's alpaca so it's sooo soft and lovely - not too hot, but cosy!!

There is a mistake at the top somewhere, but I wasn't going to tink 300 stitches! so where-ever it is it's going to stay!!

The new PC is still working, which is nothing short of a miracle. Over the weekend I will add all the old hard drives, and CD and DVD burners and see if it still works!!!


  1. That is truly a work of Art!!!!

  2. Woo! That is beautiful and very impressive.

  3. That looks really lovely :-)

  4. That is gorgeous - wish I could reach into the monitor and touch it.

    Well done with the PC. I have been a software engineer for 22 years, but still don't completely understand what goes on inside the box!

  5. That's gorgeous! And so quick too - do you have the secret of time travel at your finger tips or is it tiny knitting elves doing all the work? ;)

  6. Lorraine10:12 pm

    Hi Claire!
    Working PC AND a gorgeous shawl!!!
    I am truly in awe of there anything u cant turn ur hand to???
    Well done u :)))

  7. Anonymous9:57 am

    Well done you, it looks much better than mine did.


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