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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Question Time

Just a quick post to answer some questions in the comments yesterday!

Badger : Yes I will dye it - I have some natural dyes which I've been waiting to try, not sure how they will come out but I may try them on a bit of fleece I've got first - or just wade in there in my usual "no time to wait" manner! I have a huge burco boiler for such things which I hope will work as the element is covered and you can regulate the temperature - I should test with fleece first as I need to check the temperatures so that I don't felt it - that would be tragic!

Piglottie: It was easy to spin, but I'm only a beginner myself, and had huge tension troubles to begin with, as it turned out after a lot of faffing, the trouble was mostly that the wheel needed oiling after a long summer of not being used, then the tension was much easier to sort. It's not as soft as I'd have liked to make it - I need to learn to spin different textures, but I think when I ply it it will untwist a bit and that should soften it. I'm having to draw it quite short, only an inch or so at a time - not sure if that's the alpaca or me. I've only been spinning since last November and haven't done any since it got too hot - did quite a few bits for Christmas presents (and my dear parents actually wear their hand-spun, hand-knitted scarves, how about that for dedication!) So I haven't learnt to be consistent yet - but I will with practise and who need consistency anyway!

Sue: - Welcome to my blog! - I've looked at your handspun and I now have something to aspire to! -- It's looks so soft and loose - how do you do that without it breaking???!!!! (I think the answer will be practise!)

To everyone who admired Spot - he is a she (!) and a proper Laydeee at that!! (really if there was ever a dog which you could tell was male/female then this is she - even down to mood swings!) - which makes it all the funnier!


  1. Ah, going for the sensible dying approach. I like that. I'd probably just get overexcited and end up ruining my kitchen and felting the alpaca. Patience is a virtue I'm sadly lacking in ;)

  2. Oh how rude was I? Sorry Lady Spot!

    Not quite sure how you mean soft and loose? I just spin LOL what happens happens :-) I try to treadle slowly and control the twist. Plying takes out some of the twist and I just think I've been lucky so far. I'm treadling faster and trying to put more twist in the really thin stuff I'm spinning at the moment but it could all go horribly wrong when I ply. *bites finger nails* Will just have to wait and see.

  3. I too apologise for assuming that Spot is a he. She is a very pretty dog!

  4. Turning that alpaca fluff into yarn seemed impossible to me - I am very impressed!


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