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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Whooo _hooooo I'm a genius

Here I am sitting at my new PC - connected to the internet and everything!

It's a miracle!!

Now I haven't loaded any software or anything yet, other than Windoze, so no piccies, but if you could only see the floor around me - I have gutted two PC's to cobble this thing together - I have two PSU's, 4 old CD or DVD drives (2 of which I will re-use), another empty PC case, 2 motherboards, and countless PCI cards which I have no idea of the identity of. Empty boxes, celephane wrappers - more screws than Michael Douglas, and mountains of dust.. . . . . ..

But it's working and that's all I care about!!


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  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    oooooooooooh get you clever clogs! well done - i knew you wouldn't need me! have fun clearing up - it's amazing how dusty it all gets isn't it (don't forget your hand cream or you'll regret it tomorrow!) sis xxx


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