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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

All bunged up

Yep the hayfever season is surely upon us. I always get it late - but now it's here it's here good and proper.

Trouble is I can't take any type of anti-histamine unless I am prepared to take a 2 hour sleep at some stage in the day - "May cause drowsiness" needs to be re-written for me to something more along the lines of "will induce a 2 hour coma" . Even the non-drowsy ones affect me! I've tried becanase nose spray for the first time this year - but it doesn't seem to work very well, so the nett result is that I'm snotty, grumpy and fed up!!

So if anyone has any other tips - I'm open to anything - dancing naked round the garden offering myself to the wood nymphs - really anything!!!!!

I'm desperately trying to finish one chevron sock so that my DPN's are free to start on the lovely sock yarn that Helen sent me. It should be finished tonight! I also managed to buy a copy of Vogue Socks 2, off the forum for a steal, so may get extra ideas from there before starting the new ones!

I haven't decided what to do with the silk yet - or rather I haven't finished deciding. My calculations reckon on around 200 yds in the skein so i am thinking a scarf. I can't decide whether to do a lace ladder type affair (like this sort of thing), or a thin clapotis looking scarf. - Most people seem to average around 500g for the clapotis - which is a huge shawl, so to use a fifth on a scarf in the same vein I think would be feasible, and the knitting between the dropped stitches would show the colours off beautifully. A lace ladder type thing would be more "floaty", and would probably make a better length/width scarf as I assume the silk would go further on a pattern that is mostly yarn overs!!!. . . . . .Any thoughts anyone!??


  1. The ladder scarf would look really pretty. And so would a dropped stitch scarf done on the bias - although I'd worry about it stretching out of shape. Sorry I'm not being much use here.

    Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  2. Silvia6:56 pm

    I feel for you!!! Been there doing that myself!!!! Hope you get over it soon. I am afraid I have no answer if i did i'd use it myself

  3. I get hayfever too and try not to take the pills as they do zonk me out. Eucalyptus really helps (although obviously wont cure it). When I get really bad, I put a few drops in a bowl of boiling hot water, put a towel over my head and inhale the vapours (keep your eyes shut though as the vapours can sting them). You can also use Olbas Oil. It really helps to get rid of the blocked up, bunged up, cant breathe symptoms. You can also keep some eucalyptus burning in an oil burner in the room you are sat in. Also helps with colds etc. Hope it clears soon for you (mine was earlier in the season, I think it depends what you are allergic to). Sending hugs and clean, pollen free air your way!

  4. No advice but lots of sympathy re the hayfever.

    Do you use metal dpns? I have tons of spare sets in various sizes (except 2.5mm, which are harder to find!) and would be only too happy to send you a set if you can use them. hippocampusstitcher AT hotmail D0T com if you're interested. (Don't want anything for them, almost all my needles are charity shop bargains).

  5. Sorry I can't be of any use to you with hayfever remedies, but i have been through a very similar thought process with 4 skeins of variegated Koigu. You can see the scarf I made on my blog. I started making something that was all yarnovers but it just didn't make anything of the gorgeous colours in the yarn. Then I chose a pattern that had solid parts and open parts and like you say the solid parts helped show off the yarn and the open parts made it lighter and the yarn go further.

  6. Ooh, what about a scarf like Bertie made? That would show off the yarn beautifully.

    And if anyone can help you with the hayfever problem then will you tell me too? I'm a walking bundle of snot and tears right now and it aint a pretty sight!

  7. Lyonheart3:31 pm

    I really like the clapotis like idea. Sorry about the hayfever, it's horrible - my daughter does best with Benadryl plus because it has a decongestant in it. She doesn't seem to have problems with drowsyness but I tend to fall into a coma like you with the least provocation, medication wise.

  8. I've just ordered some yarn for the clapotis, so that would look nice in your yarn as well.

    Horrible hayfever, my mum gets it. I've managed to avoid it though. Hope you're feeling ok now.


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