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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Knitting's Back on!!!!

Finally the weather has eased enough for me to get back to knitting. I tried a lace ladder scarf in the beuatiful silk that Helen gave me as my SSS present, but it wasn't doing it any justice, so I found a pattern for a little stole/shawl (see page 5) that is giving the yarn much more of a chance to show itself off! More photos as it progresses!

Now the reason I found that pattern, was that the wonderful Piglottie gave me a little inspiration for some recycled Sari Silk that I bought. (Actually I bought it to spoil my SSS spoilee, and managed to find some for such a bargainous price that I got a Kilo of the stuff!) So Knitty Kitty got three Skeins, Mum got 2 and I have 5 left to play with!!! 4 of which are similar colours and could at a pinch be knitted together, but this lonely one was all alone in its multi-colouredness!!!! Now, I am currently growing my locks, and am at that awful stage of it not being long enough to tie back effectively, but it's too long to have draping around my fact (especially in this heat!) so this headband (page 4 of above linked pattern pdf) was the perfect solution! It's knitted up a little heavy really, but it's really lovely, and the photos will never do justice to the intensity of the colours. I have found in knitting with both these yarns that I am amazed at the colours that the silks produce. They have a certain quality that no other fibre can come near to. They are both like jewels, and I am loving knitting with them.


  1. You've chosen a very nice pattern for the silk.

    The hairband is great, I'm going to make some in 4 ply for the small person, as she's just starting to have "proper" hair that needs containing. Mine is too crazy and wild to ever be constrained by a mere hairband ;)

  2. Lyonheart3:40 am

    That's the first time I've seen that hairband done in sari silk and it looks fabulous! I may have to knit one for my DD. Love the arrowhead shawl pattern, can't wait to see the finished item.

  3. You silk shawl will look lovely! So pleased that you like it :)

    I've had my eye on a Molly's Headband too, the sari silk colours are amazing.

  4. That silk stole is going to look abfab:)

  5. Oh I love the headband in the sari silk! I have some from my secret pal and am hoping it may stretch to make Unbiased from knitty (


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