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Saturday, August 05, 2006

No snot at the sea!!!

Answer to hayfever problems is go to the seaside. Wonderful, lovely, thoughtful OH had no work yesterday, so he took me to Hayling Island. We decided to leave Spot behind after her awful behaviour last time, and also so I could just sit and breathe!!!!! without worrying about her!

It was a really lovely day - it was sunny down there, but a lovely warm breeze was coming in off the sea. We sat on the beach for 4 hours in total - moving around a bit here and there - OH with a fishing rod out every now and then (no cathes though)! but generally just watching fish and birds and oh the ecstasy of being able to breathe freely!!!

Unfortunately within 20 mins of being home, the sneezing and snottiness had returned, but it was a break, and it was great!

I am trying HayMax as suggested by dear sister. It's a balm you put at the edge of your nostrils - apparently to catch the pollen instead of it going up your nose - worth a try, and it smells of lovely lavender! If nothing else the balm will help the red nose syndrome!!!

Today I have been spinning again - a little. I had loads to do today - not least some housework!! and putting a new hard drive in my new PC. None of it has happened! I have sat and watched the GP qualifiers for tomorrows Hungarian GP, and spun a bit - and that's about it! Oh well there's always another day for housework!!!


  1. Great to hear you found some releive..even for a few hours. Housework!Phewye!!!

  2. Housework sucks. I pay the kids to do mine!

  3. I just live in a tip ;)

    Your trip to the beach sounds nice and relaxing.


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