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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The numbers don't add up

I have had over 1200 visits to my blog since it started, and on average around 30 people pop in to check me out every day! - But the most comments I've ever had have been 8!!!! - So come on, where are all the rest of you????!!!! I know there isn't always something to say - but never??? I also know that some of you are family members - now I wouldn't generally have you down as a quiet lot!!!!!

Today I have been rescuing plums from the jaws of Miss Spot!!!!! - She has developed quite a taste for them, even to the point of climbing the tree to get the one she fancies!! - Now I'm not sure but I don't really think plums are good fodder for dogs!?? So I picked as many as I could - in fact a whole sink full. . . . . . . . .

and because there seemed to be quite a few squatters in them this year - I have halved and stoned the lot, and they have been stewing on the stove top this afternoon. I will freeze it later and I will be able to eat plums (possibly forever!)


My little arrowhead stole is finished and it is gorgeous. For a quick re-cap it is made of 1 skein of Hipknits Silk in the aran weight, knitted on 5mm needles, pattern in this collection from interweave.

Finally, I have started knitting socks in the lovely Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn (my colour is Iris) that Helen sent with the Silk. The pattern I chose isn't really doing the colours of the yarn any favours, but it is lovely as it's coming out quite thick and snuggly because of the cables (which you can't see too well on the photo. This pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks and is a 3/3 cable with moss stitch panel. - Don't ya just love that gusset!!!!!!


  1. morticia8:24 pm

    Love the shawl, and dig that sexy gusset, sock on girl.

  2. Fantastic plum harvest you had there! I lost a lot of mine in the high winds last week, but the ones we ate we very nice!

    The silk shawl looks lovely, I hope it is nice to wear :) and the socks are looking good too.

    PS. Cadbury says meow.

  3. Yumm...I am coming for plum cake and clotted cream...philo

  4. Had to laugh at your comment re: people leaving comments (too many comments, not enough comments!). Same happens on my blog! Some people must be shy.

    I love the shawl and the socks are great. Good plum harvest too!

  5. Such a neat gusset, kind of you to flash it to us like that!

    The shawl looks beautiful, very delicate, and the pattern and yarn compliment each other perfectly :)

  6. I rarely get comments on my blog - I don't know why it is that some people get hundreds and some people get only a few.

    Great gusset BTW! And the shawl is gorgeous. I feel like I should try to knit at least one major piece of lace before the end of my knitting career and I have still never knitted socks!

  7. Lyonheart10:12 pm

    Totally in love with the colours in that sock yarn, yummy. Your arrowhead shawl looks really pretty, think I'll give that pattern a try now that I see it done.
    Mmmm, plums . . .

  8. I been away so coudn't leave any comments but back now!!! Plums MMMMMMM!! Not good for Doggy's I am sure.
    The Lace shawl is lovely. So pretty. Not saying anything about the Sock as i have become to hate there i said it!

  9. Lovely shawl! Im waiting for yarn to arrive to start my first shawl - I'm going to try the fibertrends shoalwater one - I'm making it for a gift - yikes! No pressure haha. Great lot of plums you've got there too - they look lovely.

  10. That shawl is lovely - so lovely in fact that I might just try it myself with the lovely AY silk you sent me. I wound it and the sari silk into balls today and am now desparately looking for worthy patterns.


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