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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Special Friend's Birthday & lovely dinner

So firstly, it is a very special friend's birthday today. A friend that has been around in my life since I was a teenager (ooooh so long ago!) and had a huge influence on the person I am now. I don't think he reads this, so I can be as schmaltzy as I like!!! I know he's going through a rough patch right now, and so I send all the love my tiny heart can muster, for a special birthday and strength on his journey.


I am cooking veggie lasagne at the mo, and I was just wondering for all you cooks out there - how much do you like your own cooking?? I lurve mine!!!!!! (sad but true!) When OH cooks he often gets "over it" before it's served if you know what I mean. I guess the smell of it cooking and the effort means he feels like he's eaten it already!!! - Now me, ooooh I'm a different kettle of fish altogother! - I can now smell my veggie lasagne basting in half a bottle of red wine, with lashings of parmesan on top and it's driving me mad!!! - I have another 10 mins to wait til it's cooked and despite treating myself to a glass of red to savour the waiting moment it's not happening! - Screw the wine - I want the dinner!!!!!


  1. Screw the wine?! What kind of a comment is that?! Booze is wonderful!

    I actually like my own cooking too, but I always feel as though I should be all modest about it, whereas I should be saying "hot damn, I'm good!"

    Enjoy the lasagna and wine ;)

  2. Anonymous10:09 am

    perhaps it's a taurean thing, seeing as i think i am the best cook i know!!! sis xxxx

  3. My own cooking is good and I love it just never realy think about it. To me is not that I made it is what I make. But yeah I am the best cook in this here house!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think you have the biggest heart and your special friend will be filled with love and joy. XXXXXXX

  5. Lyonheart2:03 am

    Your meal sounds wonderful - I am a dreadful cook, it has to be said.


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