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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The aforementioned sock

Isn't is lovely! It's proper thick - made in Trendsetter Stripe on 4.5mm DPN's (This colour is harvest). I changed the pattern a bit, 'coz it was silly! and made short row heels and a normal easy toe. The heel isn't great as the chunky yarn makes it look like there are holes on the short rows that there aren't! But the pattern went for a "Dec 1 at beg of each row (x times), the pick up 1 at beg of each row (x times)" and that was much worse for the whole hole scenario.

BTW if anyone is wondering - you can get a pair out of just one ball. I have half the foot to do on the second but there'll be plenty, so you don't need 2 like the pattern says (which at £10.50 /ball is a blessing!)


  1. me likesy this sockie!!

    the colours work really well and yes, it is a relief that you only need the one ball to complete a pair!!

    this is definitely on my list of things to try when my stash diet is over.

  2. it looks great, yet to try thicker socks, I will go in stages as i have some sport weight to try first ;)

  3. Lovely colours! I have to keep reminding myself that I have some lovely sock yarn already and do. not. need. any more just yet!!

    Great socks :)

  4. Very smart! I love the Noro jumper too, gorgeous colours!

  5. I am still a sock virgin, so what do I know, but it seems to me that short row heels look much neater and easier to execute than all that bother with flaps and gussets and stuff.

    Lovely colours too!

    Despite living in a place where below zero is normal for much of the winter I still have not knitted myself a big sweater to keep myself warm. That Noro one looks like just the thing. It's a shame they don't produce kits for sweaters that have some skeins with longer colour runs for the main body and some with shorter for the sleeves etc, so that it ends up with stripes of approximately the same width all over!

  6. That does look nice - I think I might go to the AY cake day and buy some of that yarn, it looks great for boot socks.


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