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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Beginning to dye

(Hope no-one reads that as beginning to die - I could get all sorts of weird comments)

I decided to have a fleece weekend this weekend, and wanted to play with some natural dyes. I've never used them before and have loads of fleece that I got rather over exuberant about last year, so have started with a mordant of Chrome something or other ..ate, (my chemistry teacher would be so proud of me)! follwed by a dye of brazilwood.

It's all still in the boiler thing "doing it" as the water hasn't cooled yet, but here is a photo progress. . . . .
Fleece in mordant of Chrome something.

Fleece in dye of brazilwood. This was taken a few hours ago, and the water has got a lot darker since, but the fleece is a stunning rose colour. Will try to take piccies tomorrow or soon of fleece.


  1. Anonymous6:25 pm

    wow that is looking brill. really lovely colour.

  2. Oh my that looks great can't wait for the 'now it's done' picture

  3. Ahh memories of big pots outside in the spring with fleece and eucalyptus leaves...manged a beautiful green with no mordant. Onion skins also don't need a mordant from memory...
    Beautiful colour...interested to see what tranformation will carry it through to a wearable item...

  4. Thanks Noo! You've reminded me that I've got all sorts of natural dyeing stuff stashed away from my visit to Woolfest. Must have a dyeing weekend too!


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