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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Can't wait 'til tomorrow

. . . . . . . . . To show you my lovely fleece!!!!

Only one photo cos the camera batteries went flat. The colours don't show up as lovely as they are IRL. But it gives you a clue. (especially if you click on it and get the bigger version) Please excuse the green netting - it's what I wrapped it in to do an impersonation of a salad spinner - you had to be there!!! LOL


  1. Hey No the weather here was fine ones the rain had gone.
    My Lordy lord that looks sooooo yummy. I love that color. I am waiting to go to Masham to see P&M to learn more info on Naturel dyeing. Now I am even more determind to have go! Can't wait to see it carded and knitted

  2. That looks really nice! I've yet to tackle a 'real' fleece but it won't be long I'm sure! :-)

  3. What a gorgeous colour!

  4. Anonymous9:45 am

    beautiful, good enough to eat, well done you. M XXX

  5. Gorgeous!

    And good to hear we won't starve ;-)

  6. I used to have a dog called LC and she looked like that when she was lying on her back in her basket....hang on let me find my glasses....ohh...right...

  7. Oooh, the colours are gorgeous! I am tempted to have a go but the weather hasn't been kind recently.

  8. amazing stuff, Noo, I'd love to try dyeing a fleece sometime


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