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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I've been naughty

I've had SEX at Angel Yarns today (SEX - for you non-knitters is stash enhancement excursions)

Look what I did!!!!

The Noro Iro is for a cardigan (potentially with a zip - or maybe just never quite finished as I have a zip phobia! - sure this will spur me on though!) The stripey ball in the front is for boot socks (it's thick and soft and lovely) The green on the right is Bergere de France Berlaine, which is machine washable 100% wool (yes really!) However, it is knit on 3.5mm needles which is tiny and for which I would have no patience at all (it'd take months to knit!) so I have just got one ball to have a play with and try some tension squares with two strands to see if I can do something with it that way!. . . . . And all this is for ME!!!!!!


  1. I just love that Noro! The colours are gorgeous.

  2. Nice stash enhancement. I too worry about zips, I think this is why I keep procrastinating on the DB cabled hoodie that's been OTN for over a year.

  3. Oh yummy yarnyness!! I love Noro books..not that I have ever made anything out of any of them!! You'l be a busy busy bee

  4. Berlaine is luvverly yarn to knit with - especially after washing, as it can be a bit rough beforehand.

  5. Nice sex - did you see my Matt at AY?!

    I'm scared of the idea of zips too, so I definitely think you should do the zip thang so I can see how it goes!

  6. What lovely stash! And admire your bravery/skill ... I am a zip free zone!! Some great patterns in the Noro books and looking forward to seeing your socks knitted up - gorgeous colour!

  7. Anonymous6:28 pm

    you've been very naughty - no posts since last wednesday??????????? i'm going to have to phone you at this rate, to see what you've been up to. (hahahahahaha) sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (ps - my word verification to post this look a bit like it says 'hussy' - what's it trying to say?!)


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