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Monday, September 25, 2006

More fleece, different mordant

So here is the same dye but with a copper sulphate mordant:-

(Again you can click to get a better photo). I'm amazed at the difference in colour, I have to be honest and say that I prefer yesterday's offerings, but this is lovely in it's subtlety (spelling?) The colour has come out a little more even, probably due to me having remembered to pre-soak the fleece (I was not built to do things that need thinking about in advance! so this fleece soaked whilst the first lot was dyed yesterday!)

Finally a plea to any knitters out there. Dear Sister has fallen in love with Josephine and so I'd like to make it for her for Christmas (it's not a surprise so no probs putting it here!) Now the yarn is 9sts on 10mm needles (actually knitted to 10.5sts on 7.5mm needles but presumably that's to keep it a bit firmer and stop too much bagging) But I'm having the devil's own job finding anything to make it in that doesn't cost the earth.

It needs 1.2kg or 1200m of yarn. So any ideas anyone?????

. . . . . . . Or does anyone know of a similar pattern in a yarn that's more readily available (practically and economically!!!!) Someone has made one in Cascade Eco Wool which I could probably get hold of with a bit of airmail postage(!) but that tension is a fair way out so I'm not sure how she managed to get it to work, or whether she just used the pattern as a starting block and designed it from there herself?! If the world was a perfect place I'd find a superwash wool or merino that knitted to the tension - but I don't think the world's that perfect!!!!


  1. Anonymous5:02 pm

    I loved yesterday's but do you know I think today's looks warmer, well done you they are both lovely.
    Can't think where you get your inability to plan ahead from!!!

  2. I really like today's colour!

    Why don't you try Twilleys Freedom Wool for your sister's sweater? Its 50 metres per 50 gms and sold at Dragon Yarns

    Worth a look at least! :-)

  3. Can't help with the Yarny question but the dyed lot...Ohh Ahhh Uhhh lala!!! I like it. Also something you may want to concider is the water. Hard water, soft water a lot of lime not a lot of lime Iron in the water. Apparently all that makes a difference.

  4. Have a look at They dont ship to the UK, but I would be happy to mail it to you. Their prices are very reasonable even with the extra shipping especially as the $ is very low at the moment.

  5. Am very impressed by your dyeing - such pretty colours and it sounds like you had a fun weekend with the chemistry! :)

  6. Anonymous10:24 am

    oooh lovely colours, aren't you a clever girl?!! if you're having probs with wool we can discuss alternatives...! don't want to be a pain (or, more of a pain than usual) sis xxx

  7. All the dyeing you've been doing looks great.

    Would you be able to get tension if you used 2 strands of Wendy Aran with wool held together? I can't think of a cheap bulky yarn, there just don't seem to be any on the market.

  8. Another lovely colour!

    Re the yarn, going to source, the Charme is listed at a tension of 12sts over 4ins on 8mm needles, which matches DB Cashmerino Superchunky which would be easy to get but you're still looking at a lot of money unless you can pick some up in a sale. I like Badger's idea of doubling (or maybe even tripling) a thinner budget yarn.

  9. *ticks spelling with her teacher pen* :-)

    I think I prefer yesterday's too but I do like them both. Well done!

  10. Texere have got a pure wool super chunky on cones - it's cheapish, but not exactly easy care. Could still be worth looking at though?

  11. nice, nice dyeing.. :)

    I love both to be honest... simply scrummy..

  12. I love today's best, but then I love reddy colours and its very autumnal so very appropriate.

    I was going to suggest knitpicks as they do some wonderful colours and the costs are brilliant. I keep having a look at their yarn to make Eris from. Just make sure you put gift on the parcel and a low value on the customs ticket if you get it sent from the US so that you don't end up being stung by customers charges.

  13. Check out Elann too, they often have great bargains

  14. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog - check it out again as I have added pics, including flying fox! The platform actually looks like it's on the other bank but it is very much in the air above the river.

    Why can't you spin the wool for your sister's jacket??


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