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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beautiful Autumn

I really hope everyone in the UK has had as amazing a day as we've had here! It's been perfect with sunny skies and that very slight chill in the air that keeps you sane! I spent this morning cutting the grass - whilst wearing my MP3 player. If the neighbour saw me dancing around with a dirty great big lawnmower she'll know I've finally flipped.

I also changed the bed sheets - not that that is such a fantastic thing to blog about, but don't you just love when you know you'll be going to bed in clean fresh laundry, that was dried out in the garden, and is now on the bed with all the windows open. When I snuggle down tonight I know it'll smell heavenly and I'll be off to sleep in an angel's whisper! zzzzzzz


  1. I am soooooooooooo sorry for going over to the Dark side and hoover but I haven't managed any spinning so far and may not do so tonight and apparently the floor looked a mess..according to DH!! (what does he know)
    We had a great day but not much sun
    Sleep tight in your snuggly fresh bed!!!!!!!!!

  2. The simple things in life, eh? Totally agree - and love the image of you dancing whilst mowing the lawn!!!

  3. Thanks for sending Diane our way. Hope you can make it into the shop sometime!

  4. There is no better feeling than clean sheets :) And you can sleep extra soundly knowing you've done your garden chores too!!

  5. Absolutely. The best feeling ever is getting into a lovely fresh bed.


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