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Saturday, October 14, 2006


So this is what Mum made us to carry!!! - Not at all embarrassing (apologies to Tess as this is probably a huge copyright infringement - but also free advertising so hope we're forgiven!) _ I had visions of angel wings in tinsel or a big banner saying "Angels here", and the crowds parting as they let the freaks through!! - But no this was it, and it was not only lovely, but also useful!

. . . . . . to carry this in! - I didn't buy much as I'm pretty skint just at the moment, but it was a great "feeling" day and I couldn't resist the Catalina Alpaca/silk (well actually that was a little pressie from Mum) to make some autumn fingerless mitts in! There was actually a lot of alpaca and other natural fibre there, which was great to see, and I came home armed with a marked up programme of web addresses and "who had what"!!

The Monkey Buttons bag, is a pattern for a patchwork bag, which I liked the look of! I've never done any patchwork or quilting, and have often thought of it as one of those old age crafts!!! (Says me the proud owner of a spinning wheel!) But you can't knock it 'til you've tried it! So I will!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on poor Spot. She is much better now - in fact was better in time for dinner (there's a surprise - not!)

Today should be hoovering day, and other houseworky type stuff - but I fancy spinning up some of that dyed fleece, and there's no point hoovering before I do that . . . . . . . . . is there??!


  1. Great haul, love the autumn coloured yarn.

  2. nice haul, lucky you. and aren't mums useful sometimes ;) you were very restrained too.

  3. Nice Haul and a nice bag to carry it in.
    Why Hoover when you just about to spinn? I never hoover anymore as I am always spinning

  4. Glad you had a good trip to ally pally - it's always nice to see yarn and have a fondle even if you don't buy much :)

  5. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Oh that wonderful Romney fleece on Sylvia's site,mmmmmmmmmmm. My spun up roving is I reckon to be knitted on 5mm needles and i have about 350 metres. Didn't get any spinning done today though, had a frustrating time so getting ready to cook dinner for Liz and Nev. now. well in a minute anyway.


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