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Friday, October 20, 2006

Do you know what it is yet?

Don't be putting the answers in the comments please!! 'cos this is a Christmas pressie, but just for fun:-

It's been a quiet, lovely week. A bit of knitting, and a lot of walking. The weather has been perfect for dog walking! - Rain at night has meant that Spot has been in her element following scents and getting wet and muddy! and I have loved it too. The autumn colours over where I walk are stunning this year! The bracken has just started to turn brown, and the trees are beginning to take on that golden autumn colour! The night rain is bringing the colours alive, and by the time I walk at around 10:30 - 11am the whole countryside looks and smells amazing! - I actually think it is addictive! The temperature is still really warm for the time of year (I believe around 3deg above average - although feels warmer!) and I am chuffed at saving money as there is no need for heating yet!!!

Met the family for a pub lunch on Tuesday including dear sister and nephew, which was lovely. We were also joined by one of DSis's school friends and her husband and two children! - Now I am older than DSis by 4 years, and to see her with a grown up house and child is weird enough, but I have got used to it! BUT to see her school friends and hear them talk about their houses, and see their children is just plain daft!!! - They are still 13 year olds to me - at best!!!! It was so lovely to see them all though, we had a lovely afternoon with the children playing in the pub garden!

When I woke up this morning it was raining like mad - but as I have sat here and filled you all in on the week's goings on, the sun has emerged and the sky is blue - I will get a walk in after all!!!! - Though should probably get dressed first eh?!!!


  1. Anonymous11:27 am

    I, do know what it is, but not telling so there!!!!!!!! As you are aware I still haven't got the vaccy out..........really want to spin and dye, oh well.

  2. Intriguing Noo, but I have a suspicion! Your walks sound wonderful, and at the best time of year!

  3. Blogger is playng up so not sure if this will go second try.
    I don't know what your making there but it is obviously a stipy something!!
    And yes do get dressed or the neighbours may get scared!!!!!!

  4. walking's great. I've no idea what you're knitting yet.

  5. Anonymous8:10 pm

    it looks like bagpuss!!! amazing weekend here, really sunny and very autmnal! beach yesterday and country park today, complete with falcon/owl displays to cheer up your cutie nephew sis xxxx

  6. It's very stripy and pink, whatever it is !! *lol*


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