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Thursday, October 05, 2006


...... to be honest not much to say!

I have been knitting a few little Christmas bits to get them out of the way. The Noro cardigan is almost finished - just need to seam the sides and then do the dreaded zip. Have decided to look round ally pally next week for wool for sister's cardi, but failing that, I think it will be the Cascade Eco, which although hand wash, has a lot of other good credentials!!!! Hoping to find a UK stockist as p&p from USA is almost as much as the wool is costing :eek: !

Other than that life here is trecking on as per normal. Bit of housework, bit of gardening, bit of dog walking (actually not enough of that lately as the weather has been torrential rain for a week, and much as I don't mind getting wet I'd rather not get soaked every single day!).

And that has pretty much been that!!!!


  1. Anonymous2:54 pm

    see how good i've been not badgering you to update your site?!!!!! i think we're having a 'season change doldrum' as there's been quite a bit of telly and not much action in this house too!! sis xxxxxxx

  2. Seeams there are a lot of peeps out there with not a lot to say. The dolrums seem really to have gotten it's foot into the door

  3. I haven't hassled you either though I did wonder if you had fallen from cyberspace xxx

  4. Anonymous10:11 am

    mmmmmmmm definitely getting into the Autumn cozying up time. Absolutemly chucking it down today, horizonatally as the wind is so strong. Maybeeeeeee a good spinning day me thinks.


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