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Monday, October 30, 2006

Photoless Blogging is boring!

Everything is for Christmas!!!!!!! So I can't put up any photos!

Josephine is coming along nicely, if a little slowly!, The yarn is wonderful to knit with and I'm going to have trouble giving the finished article away!!!

A few other bits are jogging along too, but none can be photographed, and my blog is in danger of getting boring! So taking the lead from others in my blogging community, I am posting a photo of my stash!!

Now, it's not very big by some standards (naming no names and pointing no fingers) and there is a good reason for this (other than my personal economical status which does have quite a large bearing on matters!):-

When I was a miniature noo, DM owned a yarn and fabric shop, and my DSis and I spent the holidays of our formative years sitting in aforementioned shop. Luckily for me, I had learnt to knit and quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately for DSis, she didn't!!!!! (But she could read a book in 2 hours!) So here was I, aged 8 - 12 with a whole shop full of yarn around me!!!!! So DM had to make some rules (otherwise she'd have been bankrupt!) The rules were that I could pretty much have anything I wanted yarn wise, but was never allowed a new lot until the previous garment had been finished. It was a good plan and worked well. And to be honest has stood me in good stead as an adult!

Consequently my stash is pretty small. The gorgeous rose chenille is the only long term resident and that is because it was bought at Ally Pally last year with no particular project in mind. The colour is gorgeous, so I couldn't bare to part with it, but I loathe knitting with it!! and I still haven't really found a good pattern for it (I've tried a few and given up within a few inches) . Other than that I have a few balls of sock yarn which I purchased from eBay for a song (shop was closing!!), and my alpaca from this year's ally pally, which will make some fingerless mitts. 4 Skeins of recycled sari silk, which I bought from India - also from eBay and equally cheap, and glorious!! and two balls of DB Cashmerino which I got on an odd ball swap. I do have a couple of other odds and sodds that are bits left over from old projects where I bought too much, but I didn't think they'd count!! - I must parcel them up for charity!

So there you have it, my stashette in all it's glory! - Come on then girls, show me yours!!!


  1. looks very nice!!! I wish I could exercise such restraint :O
    as for stash piccies, I think I've shamed myself enough for one day;-)

  2. I've already flashed my stash ;o and i am now shamed into logging off and doing some knitting for once!!! anyway, my mum has just said she wants to buy some of it off mee - yay yay yay!!!!!

  3. it's the 4ply which my mum is keen to relieve me of. now what shall I buy instead ;)

  4. I'm trying to reduce my stash... trying being the operative word here.

    I'll see if I can get a picture later - good job I bought a camera with a wide angle lens!!!

  5. Nice stash Noo! What is the yarn underneath the sari silk, the bronzey coloured yarn? Delicious!

    I did post a pic of my stash on my blog some time ago. Shall not be doing so at the moment due to the recent discount on many Rowan yarns, hence stash increasing considerably. Although it is all earmarked for something, honest! And BB bought some off me thus reducing my stash but increasing hers :-)


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