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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Update on sizes in Yarnforward

Being of the "fried egg" variety of women, I barely ever look at sizes in magazines! - Which is wrong of me, especially if I am writing about it as a bit of a mini review! - It just doesn't occur to me, and for that I apologise!

So, to rectify the problem, I would like to say that the range of sizes in Yarnforward seems good!! The first pattern knits up to actual garment size of 32", 42" and 52", but there are some notes which say that because of the way the lace is constructed and the bias nature of the fabric, it has a lot of stretch and will therefore fit a wide range of sizes.

The second pattern has a huge size range - x-small - 5X (28" - 62") - that should cover most people!!!

Next pattern is socks so not really relevant (although only one size - woman's medium)

Cardi pattern finished sizes from 36" - 47.75" (Wonder if my tension would ever be good enough to end up with an odd 3/4" on a size?)

Men's Cardi garment size 40.5" - 54.5"

shawl pattern - not relevant

Cropped cardi - 32 " - 46"

I am thinking that the range of sizes is dependent on the original designer? I do seem to remember reading somewhere that next issues model is a realistic size 16, so I do think Kerrie has size in mind!!

Hope that helps a bit


  1. Thanks soooo much Noo for such a comprehensive and quick response. I think I shall go ahead and buy one now that I know my ample busom should be well catered for :-)

  2. I was wondering whether this mag would be worth subscribing to from the States, and you have made it sound like it probably would be - I will put it on my Christmas wishlist!

  3. I do like this mag, and you're right about the sizes catered for in the patterns - makes a big difference from other UK mags.

  4. I like the sound of the magazine. I've never any problems with sizes, being of the smaller shape too ;) I might just have to get a copy now. They don't stock it anywhere up here, we're out in the sticks a bit!!


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