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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 Bargains!

Dsis's Josephine is coming along well. The body and both sleeves are done, just need to attach sleeves to body, and do the collar (the collar is HUGE, so that could take a while) But to spur me on I've purchased my next two projects.

Thoroughly co-erced by the fellow members of the crafty forum to join two (yep two) knit-a-longs, I have at least managed to get the yarn for them at a decent price!

The green for the cable sweater in the picture was a purchase from a fellow forum member who was re-locating her stash (to other people's houses!) in order to make room for more!!!! It's Bergere de France Berlaine. 100% wool and apparently unshrinkable!!!! (can be machine washed and tumble dried - not that I have a drier but it's nice to know) - Very useful when you have a dirty dog!!!!

The rose is for Rogue, and is 25% wool, 75% acrylic. OK I wouldn't normally buy acrylic, but it was only £10 from eBay, and again, at least it will wash in the machine!

So that's me set for the foreseeable! Now I just have to find a few hours to do it in!


  1. Love the colour of your Berlaine. That cabled sweater is so nice, I keep looking at it too :)

  2. What fabulous colours! Looking forward to the KAL for the BdF :)

  3. Ooohhh, just look at those scrumptious colours! Am mega impressed that you are tackling 2 kals at the same time ... really looking forward to seeing your progress [lol there may still be a short time delay before you see any progress from me:)]!!

  4. Both are going to look great!!!!! and very practical for spot too:-))
    I'm so glad I used machine washable yarn for my rogue because within an hour of wearing it for the first time, it needed to be washed:-O Biscuits and drool are NOT a good look on your jumper;-)

  5. nice wool, excellent colour choices.

  6. I do like the Berlaine... I keep going back to this pattern and thinking 'someday...' :)

    Stunning colours... you have a knack for picking them!


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