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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


. . . . to anyone who subscribes to my feed using bloglines and was informed yesterday of 27 new items to read!!! - Then logged in and found NONE!!!! I was messing around with my template trying to get all posts on one page, along with comments, to backup my blog, and make a pdf of it to send to my DGM. She doesn't have a computer but everyone keeps telling her about my blog (at a tender 86 years old, she must wonder what the world has come to - blog isn't a very helpful word really is it?!) Anyway, the deed is done and normal service will be resumed soon!!!! (Assuming I can get my template back to normal!!!!)


  1. I did think you had been struck down with a proliferation of blogging! I wonder if it is possible to blog 27 posts in one day...

  2. I did wonder what you were up to!!?

  3. Your strictly finished projects look good. I wish I was a finisher like you but instead I tend to start lots of projects! Aargh!


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