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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lovely Day

I haven't seen much of OH lately as he's been working far too hard. So, yesterday we decided to take a day to ourselves and go to Hayling Island for a long walk along the beach.

As luck would have it the tide was in our favour and was out when we got there. (Didn't take any photos, but see my post here, for more of the same) We took the dog too, who was surprisingly well behaved and just ran around like a mad thing sploshing in the puddles and chasing seagulls! and actually coming back when she was called, (maybe she remembers what happened last time ) The weather was fabulous. The sun was shining and warm, and although we both had sweaters and coats on , we could actually have managed with one or the other:- there was no wind or chill to the air at all. At Hayling Island, when the tide goes out, there are acres of sand banks to walk on, little channels of water remain the only sign that the sea had been there only an hour or two before. The sun sits on the water all day, and it is glorious! We walked, we chatted, and OH identified all the geese, gulls, and ducks, as is his way!! - We saw a hawk of some sort too (just slightly too far away for OH to be 100% on identifications!)

Today the weather, again, is awesome. The sun is shining, there is a little of last night's frost left on the lawn. The little garden birds are queuing up to use the nut feeder, and Spot is asleep under the radiator. What a perfect weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful walk Noo. And we are having some glorious weather at the moment, crisp sunny autumn mornings. The birds are busy in my garden too, as are the squirrels (which I love to watch - we have a family of 4!).


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