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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today's Walk

(You can click these to get them bigger - I hope!) Quality not amazing as only taken on a phone 'cos I was silly and forgot my camera - but was a beautiful day that needs to be savoured!

Drive to Newlands Corner - past this lovely Autumn Exhibition! (the trees, not the car!!!)

Out of the car and along the first pathway. . .

to this lovely bit of bracken to play on

. . . . and fetch things from.. . . .

. . . . . and admire

. . . . . . twice. . . . . .

Then along more overgrown paths with fairy tales to tell. . .

. . . . . 'til it begins to get lighter. . .

. . . . . and a bit more open. . . . .

. . . . and then you can see all my kingdom. . .

. . . . . in all its glory. . . . .

. . .. . as far as your eyes can see. . . .

. . . . So we sit for a minute and enjoy!!!!!


  1. thats beautiful!!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous colours on those trees. And what a bonus finding that fairytale toadstool!

  3. that looks a really good place to walk. lovely photos. I used to go to uni in Surrey and always enjoyed my jogging at virginia waters.

  4. Lovely pics and a beautiful day! Spot looks to be having such a good time.

  5. Good on you take mum for such a beautiful walk...felt like I was there walking with you...p

  6. Anonymous10:01 am

    absolutely beautiful, it's the same here, i'm going to walk on the beach in a mo. and at night, the moon is sooooooooooo bright, it gives a real silver glow on the sea.... i think autumn is my favourite, even tho spring is exciting after winter, but the air is so good just now on days like this... - i want to go up a mountain but not sure little'uns legs would make it!! xxxxx

  7. What a wonderful picture story! Gorgeous scenery, and am loving that mushroom.

  8. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Autumn has always been my favourite season, I love the colours, the smell of nuts and those beautiful sunny, cold mornings. We are having proper Autumn here and I'm loving it. All seasons are good, every day is good, waking in the morning and just being alive is wonderful, enjoy everyone and live each day to the full.

  9. How beautiful Spot's kingdom is. I am grateful 'he' had is phone with him to take pictures.And for sharing them with us


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