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Friday, December 01, 2006

Just as well I don't have children

You have to be kidding Mum. . . . . . . .
What this side????? . . . . . .

Aww come on I feel silly. . . . . . .

Ooooops dropped it!!!!!. . .

. . . . . otherwise I would be imprisoned for humiliating them at all available opportunities!


  1. Anonymous7:44 pm

    remember when ocassionally i dressed you and Becki in the same style, well Bonnie is just giving me that 'don't even think about it look'
    some dogs are just no fun eh!!!!!

  2. After a long day, this put a smile back on my face!!

  3. Spot looks so cute, and very seasonal!

  4. knittingladybird9:14 pm

    well i think that looks so cute...i actually have 3 kids and trust me, they aren't that obliging lol!

    Linz xx (:i:)

  5. LOL!!!! spot is so accomodating! I tried for ages to get terri to sit in front of the christmas tree with tinsel round her neck, but she was having none of it, little madam indeed!!! I had to settle for wrapping it round her neck wile she was laid down! no posing for the camera in my house:-(
    obviously terri and bonnie are on the same wave length:-)

  6. I think she looks quite dignified in the circumstances.

    It's quite good fun when your kids get to be teenagers - there are so many ways in which you can be an embarrassment to them - intentionally and unintentionally.

  7. I don't know who's dafter - the dog or you! Lol!!!

  8. Anonymous11:45 am

    you can be rest asssured i will be humiliating my son in the same fashion over the festive....;-) sis xxx

  9. LOL at Spot, she's so good posing, love the photo where she drops the hat :) I used to put christmas hats on my horse, she loved it!!


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