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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not much happening at Noo's House!

I don't usually blog for the sake of it, but I know certain people get testy if they don't read a new post every now and again, so here we are!

It's the most beautiful Sunday morning here, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and there's (still) a thick frost on the lawn! The little birdies are clambering over my feeder - it looks like a scene from Snow White!!!!!

Obviously things are gaining momentum towards Christmas. I have a tree up, and will decorate it today - although I'm really liking it naked!! - it's a real tree ( my enviro friendly side loses out on this battle of conscience) and it's beautiful! It smells divine - my whole living room has taken on a nordic whiff!!!!!! (which makes a pleasant change from "Eau de Springer" !!)

On Wednesday I am taking OH to a panto for his Chrissie present! (he doesn't know but I doubt he'll read this so I think I'm safe!) We're going to the one in Wimbledon, Peter Pan, with none other than "The Fonz" as Captain Hook! - I'm very excited (am I supposed to be excited over his present -?? oh well!!) It should be good for a laugh, and you can't pass up the opportunity of seeing someone so great in a panto!!!!

So that about gets you up to date, hope you are all enjoying your journey towards Christmas. . . . I am !!!!


  1. haha - now i know what it's like i daren't comment. weather so bad here haven't done anything either! how was the cheese? or can't you try it yet? xx

  2. Now that does make me if the cheese wasn't enough...then the chrissie peter pan...enjoy and think of us....p

  3. You are going to see the Fonz? In real life? In the flesh? Yes, you should be very excited :-)


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