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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another finished object

It seems I'm on a roll!!!! - I am normally the world's worst finisher - I have more half done projects around my house (in fact including my house!) than most people have hot dinners!!!! But yesterday the weather was amazing, and so I sat out in the garden and finally finished OH's jumper.

Yes, bearing in mind I got sunburnt whilst doing it (memo to self: don't knit in good strong sunlight 'cos you get white marks where your arms are bent and where the knitting sits), it probably is a bit too warm to be wearing it, but at least it's ready for the Autumn!!!!!

The carnage that was my sister's jumper has also been sorted. The rib looks OK, and no-one but me will ever know it is upside down!!! - I've left it on the stitch holders though so I can make sure it's long enough this time!!

So today I must get back to the decorating. The F1 grand prix is on, so hopefully I will find a way of watching and painting at the same time! I want to get it done so that next weekend I can dye my fleeces.