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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Green Cone - But no ice-cream!

I have been shamed into recycling more!!! (and quite right too).

Although, I must say that the council don't exactly encourage it by readily available information. For example my lovely new Green Cone is a little genius! - You can put all your kitchen waste into it, and it disappears into the sub-soil. When I say kitchen waste - it's everything - bones, fish, meat, dairy, peelings etc etc etc. I had no idea that something was available to compost all kitchen waste. And not only available, but to us lucky UK residents, most councils hugely subsidise the cost. This only cost me £5, including a kitchen caddy to collect all manner of scraps in! It has a big basket underneath which needs to be put in a big hole in the garden - 24" deep by 32" diameter. The rest of the cone is then screwed to the basket and the lip should just sit below the surface. I know I am inherently lazy, and to be honest, much as I totally agree with recycling as much as possible, it has to be made "fairly" easy for me. I have composted my veggie waste for years - but only in the summer when it's easy to get to my composter and it can be a pain separating veggie waste from other stuff when you're cooking. This little beauty saves all that grief - it even takes cooked waste. There is council literature on this, but I have never seen it through the letter box, or even had it described to me as part of the recyling road shows that pop up in our local farmers markets. It seems to me that it just needed to be put across how easy this would be and I would have got one years ago!

So, as the weather has at least been dry, the Green Cone is in position and the grass is finally cut. The weeds haven't been tackled but you can't do everything!

Also last night, my darling OH, made me dinner. He had decided to use the plaice that we bought in Worthing and looked up a recipe from a great seafish website . We had Plaice with mushroom and ricotta stuffing. It was really good!!! And the kitchen didn't look like a war zone when he'd finished either. I may let him do it again!!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's actually not raining!!!

Whey hay!!!

Got up and walked the dog early as I was a little sceptical that it would stay dry - went fully clad in waterproof clothing just in case!!!! (As yesterday I got caught in an almighty shower when I was the furthest I could be from the car!)

Have also been to Sainsburys (oh joy!) and had lunch. Now I would dearly love to get in the garden and make the most of the dry, but I have work to do, so fingers crossed that this is not a blip and I will finally get the grass cut and my washing dry by the weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Drought ?

It has rained every day since my birthday last week. I distinctly remember driving back from Rye in appalling conditions and they haven't stopped since - it's like Armageddon! My water butt is overflowing, the grass is growing and I can't cut it, I have only walked the dog three times in the last week (and am being punished for that - she can be one sulky bitch when she wants to be!), and I am eating far too much because I am spending too much time inside!

There has been the odd sunny spell in between all the water, but really it's just been torrential for a week. (In my optimism on Saturday I hung washing on the line in a half hour break in the rain, - ha ha - It's still there!!!!!)- Oh well can't say we don't need it - Loved the fact that I got a letter from Thames Water yesterday about the drought- the poor postman (who had to ring the bell to get me to take in a parcel) looked like he was drowning!

I did manage to get to Ford market in Sussex on Sunday. There is a brilliant butcher there, and because the weather was pretty bad he was giving away some good deals. He does sell really good meat - all in £10 and £20 bags so you need some freezer room, but it's well worth the trip. Other than that a lot of the stalls hadn't even bothered showing up, the weather was that bad! Still got what i needed, a freezer of meat, and some tupperware cereal container thingys to put my bread-making flour in. So I was happy!

When I got back I had a chance to phone my Uncle in Oz (2p a minute with as it's his birthday today, so I wanted to catch up and wish him a Happy One and all that. We were on the phone for ages - (lucky it was cheap) - isn't it amazing that it doesn't matter how long you spend apart, when you are family, or good friends you just slip right back into nattering as if you'd talked last week. Only thing is I can't give him a proper hug - but I know he knows I want to!

Yesterday, I worked!! - Oh yes, really!! I managed to (finally) get hold of the tax office to confirm that the tax return has been received (bloomin' software had a seizure in the middle - although I think the problem was with their end rather than mine), and sorted out the cash-flow, and invoices and all that admin type stuff. So, at least that's done for a week or so!

Oh my, the sun's out - wonder if I could risk a walk?????!!!!!!!