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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just quickly

I've noticed it's been nearly a week since I "Blogged" which frankly isn't really good enough is it?!

So just a very quick update.

I am knitting the apocalypse hoodie again, more in the manner in which it was designed. I have some old sirdar highlander which is lovely and never seemed to be enough for any projects. Good thing about this hoodie is that it's knitted top down, so I can stop before I run out of yarn! - Hopefully it will make something resembling a sweater! (I've still made it V-neck as I'm not sure about putting in zips - will have to try on something smaller and less important!)

Am also knitting a pair of chevron socks - nothing special really, and if I was really honest I'm a bit bored with them, but they're good when the weather is hot.

Have also started a Kiri shawl in three balls of burgundy alpaca that were left from a throw/shawl thing that I made my grandmother for Christmas last year. The alpaca is scrummy and non-itch, so I thought it would make a nice shawl, and would also boost my likelihood of getting on with my first ever lace project!

More news soon. Promise!