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Monday, August 28, 2006

One becomes Two

So, whilst listening and crooning along to Deano, Sam and Frank over the weekend, my lovely socks have been finished. (So how much time exactly do you think I spent sitting on my backside!) The Rat Pack DVD was good - although I have decided that although Frank Sinatra was possibly the most famous of the three, I definitely prefer Deano's voice, and Sammy Davis Jnr was the most amazing performer! The DVD was in black and white and not the best quality but it was really good fun, and they sung a lot of the old favourites. A final thanks to Helen for my beautiful gifts - all knitted up now -except the alpaca - which is still being spun in between all my other projects. I've loved making everything THANK YOU!

Fame was good too - for a whole lot of other reasons! - It was really cheesy, and very 80's, but it was a good part of my childhood, and maybe if kids had more of these cheesy programmes to watch now, they would be more likely to take up sport/dance/anything!! I can remember dancing round the lounge and singing the songs. It was nostalgic fun. (And Badger. . . . . headband maybe. . . . . . but leotard - NO WAY!!!!!)

I had to include this little shot - Caption something along the lines of "Oh crap, I've been caught" Needless to say the tree my beloved spaniel is trying to climb is the plum tree! - it is mostly empty now (hence the need to climb it!) but she won't give up until every last morsel of fruit is gone! - she knows it's wrong - hence shot being slightly out of focus - if I had moved in closer she would have innocently and very gently climbed down and probably feigned sleep under the tree - "What me - NO - I've been asleep all this time"