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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Comment for Charity

OK everyone, it's getting on to Christmas time, and time to think of presents, cards, cold nights, warm fires. . . . . you know the kind of thing.

So in order to warm my heart I am looking to get as many comments on my blog as possible.

To this end for every comment I receive on this post I will donate £1 to the Everyman cancer charity. I think the most comments I've ever got is around 20, so I'd love to beat that. Err I should add only one comment per person allowed! (I will also add that just in case this gets out of hand I will make a max amount of £100 - although if your comment is over the 100 and it's super special I might make an exception at my own discretion!!!!)

Go on tell me what you think - Click the link below that says how many comments I have so far, and make it one more. . . . you know you want to. You don't need to have a blogger account, you can comment either under "Other" by leaving your name and/or website or as Anonymous, but anonymous would be sad because I wouldn't know who to thank for making me skint for such a worthy cause!!!

Comments need to be received by 24th December, and donation will be made after Christmas.

**See post above for 12 November to see how you can make your comment worth £2 !!!**

p.s. Terri has made a good comment already - for all you knitters out there The Yarn Yard's November charity yarn is also for Everyman - see here. Have to say I have succumbed to a couple of skeins of that too!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


. . . . to anyone who subscribes to my feed using bloglines and was informed yesterday of 27 new items to read!!! - Then logged in and found NONE!!!! I was messing around with my template trying to get all posts on one page, along with comments, to backup my blog, and make a pdf of it to send to my DGM. She doesn't have a computer but everyone keeps telling her about my blog (at a tender 86 years old, she must wonder what the world has come to - blog isn't a very helpful word really is it?!) Anyway, the deed is done and normal service will be resumed soon!!!! (Assuming I can get my template back to normal!!!!)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Strictly Finished!!!

Whilst watching some celebrities and sports personalities ballroom dance last night, I finished off some knitting!

I don't normally post piccies of me on here (as you know) but the photos are taken, and I really can't be bothered to edit them, and can't see myself getting stalked on the basis of these!!!!!!

So, First up is the Apocalypse Hoodie, as previously mentioned here It's still a V-neck and not a cardigan as the pattern, but I love it and it's just perfect for a house-sweater! - I made the sleeves a bit short on purpose so they don't get in the way on the odd occassion I do wash-up!! I also made it longer, and put a short 2x2 rib on the bottom to stop it curling up and keep my back warm!

Not the best photo of the Noro cardigan, but will do for now. (I'm still wearing the hoodie underneath as it's too darn cold to be undressing!!!) I need to get a zip for it and am not sure what colour to choose, one of the darker ones I think. Anyway it's wonderful and warm and I love it!