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Friday, November 24, 2006

My WIP's are back

I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to Jacquie who runs the bloggers' paradise forum, for sorting out my code and getting my progress bars back. For some reason they worked in the old blogger, but since upgrading to Beta, they had disappeared. Apparently all to do with a document.write statement - Yeah Whatever!! (Might as well be double dutch to me) But Jacquie you're a star for sorting it out and I'm eternally grateful!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 Bargains!

Dsis's Josephine is coming along well. The body and both sleeves are done, just need to attach sleeves to body, and do the collar (the collar is HUGE, so that could take a while) But to spur me on I've purchased my next two projects.

Thoroughly co-erced by the fellow members of the crafty forum to join two (yep two) knit-a-longs, I have at least managed to get the yarn for them at a decent price!

The green for the cable sweater in the picture was a purchase from a fellow forum member who was re-locating her stash (to other people's houses!) in order to make room for more!!!! It's Bergere de France Berlaine. 100% wool and apparently unshrinkable!!!! (can be machine washed and tumble dried - not that I have a drier but it's nice to know) - Very useful when you have a dirty dog!!!!

The rose is for Rogue, and is 25% wool, 75% acrylic. OK I wouldn't normally buy acrylic, but it was only £10 from eBay, and again, at least it will wash in the machine!

So that's me set for the foreseeable! Now I just have to find a few hours to do it in!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Vets Get Scanning

Quick plug for a worthwhile petition here:

It's been set up by Bruce Forsyth to get vets to scan all dogs as a matter of course, for microchips. As the scheme stands at the moment it's not a lot of use unless you just lose your dog! If it's stolen, the microchip is never likely to be scanned so it doesn't help! - This petition aims to help the situation. There is also a downloadable car sticker!


Flicking around on the TV late last night (as I have a habit of doing when I can't find something to watch) I found Paul Simon on BBC Sessions. Well I have to admit to having a very soft spot for Paul Simon, having spent a whole heap of my youth singing along to all the Simon and Garfunkel albums, and consquently to both Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel as solo artists. I was pleased to hear him sing some of his older (and in my humble opinion, far superior) songs, and even more pleased to realise that I still know every word to sing along!!! Ahh don't you just love a bit of nostalgia!!!