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Saturday, January 06, 2007

January's Sockamonth

As previously mentioned I have signed up on the crafty yarns & threads forum to try to knit a pair of socks a month for this year! - It's a great idea, and amazing how much more dedicated you are to knitting them when you are knitting to a dealine!!!

Anyway here is the progress on January's, Knitted in Opal on 2.5mm bamboo DPN's (I did try 2 circs but having dropped a whole needle full of stitches, twice, I decided to stick to the old fashioned approach!) The pattern is slipped stitch rib from sensational knitted socks.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A bit quiet for the New Year

All's a bit quiet here, as my poor pooch has cut half her foot off having run over a bit of glass that some lovely person (read your own interpretation for that!) left out on our walk! It's horrid and has made me go quite queasy on several occassions! - I am regularly drowning it in salt water, and bless her she is being very good natured about it. Me, on the other hand, . . . . I am upset, emotional, and ready to lynch anyone I see carrying a bottle!!!!!!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The end of 2006!!!!

Another year done!!

Well here we are at New Year’s Eve already! Hasn’t that gone fast!!!!!

So I thought today I’d tidy up a few loose ends on the blog and spend some time thinking about last year and getting ready for next!!!!

So, firstly a piccie of the finished Josephine as DSis is now its proud owner, and I can show it in public!

It is knitted using two strands of Cascade Eco, colour 9012 Chocolate twist on US 11 Boye interchangeable needles. The pattern is from and can be found here. It was easy to knit, and I am really pleased with the finished article, as, I believe, is DSis!!!!!

I am also now making Rogue out of the rest of the yarn (only a single strand this time) – which will also be for DSis, as the yarn was bought for her Christmas gift, so it seems only fair. She has expressed a preference for a sleeveless version though, so I am currently working out a way of finishing of the armholes. I am thinking maybe a thin twisted cable border grafted/knitted on.

My first two projects in 2007 will be a pair of Opal socks from Sensational Knitted Socks. (A slip stitch rib body), which coincidentally will (hopefully) be my entry for January for the Sockamonth challenge at my forum home!!! I am also intending to knit Fetching in an alpaca mix, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but as I’m typing this and can’t move my fingers due to cold, am thinking sooner is better than later! So a nice small start to the New Year!

So, plans for next year??? – Well true to form I don’t have any! – Will just play it by ear, and take it as it comes! Equally unsurprisingly I don’t have any New Year resolutions either – though I may try to think of some before the night’s out! I’d like to sort out my garden a bit, as it has become very neglected in the last couple of years. Mainly due to spring all but disappearing here in the deep South of England, and us moving from frost to heat wave in a matter of days. Consequently I move from “Doesn’t need it yet” to “Too hot to move” in the same space of time!!! This year I’d like to get over that minor hiccup!!!! Along that same vein, I’d like to get back to growing veg! I don’t know why it is that I managed to grow more when I was working than I do now I’m at home all the time, (I’m thinking laziness plays quite a factor here!), but again, I’d like to get around to giving myself a good talking to and sorting that out! That’ll do for plans, I wouldn’t want to scare myself!!!!

I have spent some time looking back over my blog from the last year! I have truly enjoyed writing it, and I hope you have enjoyed popping over to see what I’m up to! It’s a fabulous reference for weather, achievements and photos of the pooch!!! And I think I will enjoy looking back over it myself for many years to come! Without wanting to sound like an Oscar nominee, I’d just like to thank my blog and forum friends for encouraging me to try blogging, and also for the new things I have had a go at this year thanks to all your enabling encouragement. I have knitted my first lace shawl, my first sweaters in the round (YAY, I love them!) and made cheese!!! I feel honoured to be part of such a great support network and can’t wait to find out what you have in store for me next year!!!!!!

So all that remains is to wish a Happy, Healthy and Knitterly New Year, to each and every one of you and all your loved ones. I hope 2007 brings everything you wish for .